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In the early days, we used to cover small basements and vaults all over London but as we became more established and earned ourselves a respectable reputation we swiftly grew. We began to provide the best space for clients in otherwise unused areas and they liked it.

Noticing the benefit of this, we became a fully established specialist basement conversion company for much larger basement construction and development.

London’s increasing need for space requires us to be extremely creative and innovative with every design we do to ensure all of our customers receive the best possible service. Not one conversion is the same which makes our job that extra bit fun.

The Process

Architectural Design

9 times out of 10, clients come to us with a rough idea of what they want their basement to look like. It is then our job to transform this idea into a reality that looks like it was always there.

We use the latest computer aided design and 3D modelling software to ensure you see exactly what we will do to your home before we even do it. It’s imperative for us to work as closely to our clients as possible so everyone is happy with the final product.

Planning Services

As we all know, getting planning permission for a basement conversion is a very complicated process. However, our team have years of experience in acquiring planning permission, even in the more difficult circumstances, so there is no need to worry.

We always aim to obtain the highest quality planning approval before beginning our build, this involves neighbour engagement and every other element of the planning application process.

Our team have been through every objection you can think of and due to this experience we are confident in anticipating these objections and developing strategies to keep all stakeholders happy and reassured.

Project Management

Our team of project managers are here to oversee every step of the conversion process; this is all the way from the designs to each step of the construction phase. The team are fully qualified and highly experienced in the areas in which they work to ensure your property is in the safest of hands.

The team will regularly update clients on any changes and manage any client requirements to make sure the full process is as smooth as possible.


Collectively, our team are filled with over 30 years of knowledge and experience in the construction industry.

Each member of our expert team are equipped with the highest technical ability. As well as this, they have their own unique skillset making them the perfect team to work on your basement.

We know that construction involves a lot more elements than just the actual physical construction part. It also involves the way the project is completed: how much disruption did we make? were our clients happy with our service? These questions and many others are asked after every project to ensure we did the best we could.

Interior Finishing

We pride ourselves in the beauty of our final products and can confidently say we have produced some of the best basements in London.

The wide range of skills within our team work like clockwork to end up with beautiful designs with extreme attention to detail as well as providing optimum practicality.

We deliver the highest quality finishes from expert craftsmen with the best techniques and materials.

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Face to face no obligation consultation to discuss your project further and for us to understand what services you require, for instance you might already have drawings so would not require our architecture team to create designs.